After you successfully logged in to the system, you will be redirected to your account’s main page.

Here you can see your job posts.

Please click on ‘Applicants’ link.

Now you can see all your applicants for job post.


Click on “CV” link if you need to review candidate skills and experience or print CV.

Click on “Details” link if you want to contact applicant and manage hiring process, here you can send message OR send note to applicant that her/his resume is being reviewed right now.



After you send information that applicant’s CV is on review, button will be changed to “Start interview” ┬áthis button will lead you to the interview phase. After you click it and write according text, candidate will recieve the interview invitation.



After you invited candidate to the interview, this button will be changed to ”Offer this job” which will send note to candidate that he is offered this job.

That`s it. As you can see hiring workflow with is quite easy but effective.


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